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I've been thinking about the state of our planet of late. How humanity has taken and used what can't be given back. How what we have given back (i.e. discarded) doesn't fit the natural order any more. How delicate is the balance that allows us to survive on what we now must see as a fragile and interdependent system.

Triggered by an understanding that has been too long in coming, I feel compelled to do something. For me, something inside sparked.

So I've turned my energies to helping ignite passion in others. To feed the sense that, as individuals all, we have the ability to make a change. Or make a million little changes that will add up.

The key is the individual, where it has to all start. And the ways are countles. As students, we chose what to learn and how we apply our knowledge. As homemakers we decide to buy or not buy, and how we will run our homes and families' lives. As business people, we can either see, or ignore that there is a bigger imperative than profits alone, and we can embrace goals of sustainability. As activists, we chose to commit, and how and when and where. As spiritual people, we...well, you get the picture.

But it's a complicated and confusing world out there, with information overload and a thousand voices appealing to your heart or your wallet. How do you sort through it all?

This is exactly the question I want to help answer. With a career in communications behind me and an intriguing new challenge before me, I am looking to be facilitator, translator, investigator--and maybe if I get it right, motivator. I would like nothing better than to know that I sparked someone else's awareness and interest.

That said, it's time to get to work. Please join me on the journey. Time's a passin'.

Larry Grob


Too many to get them all in here. When I'm not doing this, I'm an active family man, avid motorcycler, violinist, painter, reader, gardener, skier, climber, and caretaker of a dear old Saab 9000. If I find any extra time, I'd like to take up orienteering.